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Your dedicated staff

Our offline production team consists of travel agents and expert agents who are supervised by referral supervisors. They are trained in our Click and Control technology to answer all your questions. They are also able to make any booking directly with a supplier if required. Our agents are also trained in the specificities of our clients' travel policies and their internal processes. Finally, they are naturally available to offer their expertise and advice on business travel.

VIP offer

Our expert agents are available to take special care of travellers requiring personal assistance (personalities such as people with reduced mobility or disabilities).span>

24/7 Service

Wherever you are in the world, your dedicated team is available 24/7, at no extra cost, for a simple question or emergency assistance.

Group travel

Our group department will handle all your booking requests for more than 10 travellers and will build you a tailor-made package. Our dedicated group contacts at our suppliers will facilitate the organisation of your travel, accommodation and transfer bookings. Any additional services can also be added, such as booking a meeting room or a dinner for your teams. Do not hesitate to contact us to organise your seminars, market tours or incentives

Travel policy

The travel policy of B2B customers is fully reflected in Travel Planet's online solution. The parameters can be adjusted on demand according to all types of criteria: budgetary, geographical, nature of the expense, position in the company, etc.

Validation circuit

B2B specialist Travel Planet integrates into its online solution and its offline support the validation circuit defined by its customers during booking requests.

Duty of Care

Instantly locate and alert your travellers to hazards that impact their comfort or safety at their destination.

Missions order

Click and Control integrates a module for managing your mission orders to simplify the validation, traceability and budgetary control of your travel expenses.

Expense note

Your expense reports are integrated and validated via Click and Control for a simplified process and control of your total travel costs.

Online Booking

The core of Travel Planet's offer is based on our Click and Control Market Place, developed by our in-house R&D teams, which allows all of our clients to book 90% of their travel online in complete autonomy.

Business Intelligencce

Real-time updated dashboards are available for detailed monitoring of your expenses or your CO2 consumption. In addition, our teams of Data Scientists are able to study your requests for tailor-made reports.

Innovative Business model

Thanks to its 100% proprietary technology and the priority given to direct connections rather than generalist intermediaries, Travel Planet is able to offer a transparent and competitive package. One monthly subscription per user: an all-inclusive price, zero transaction fees.


Don't take out your credit card! Travel Planet takes care of the prepayment of all your services: hotels, car rentals, railways, airlines etc... for more comfort and security.

From our first interaction, Travel Planet gave us a clear understanding of how the implementation phase would work. Confirming that Travel Planet was a business travel agency that could deliver a reliable product on time, including appropriate post-implementation support.

Ally Daniels

Travel Manager - Office for Environmental Protection
"All of the planned functionalities were delivered on time by Travel Planet, and the platform has become more ergonomic and efficient, allowing us to redeploy in this market, which is of real strategic interest in a context where our international sales are picking up strongly, and where European travel agencies want to be able to access our offer with a functional and efficient tool."

Guillaume Confais-Morieux

Travel Agency Market Director - SNCF
The relationship between Travel Planet and EDF has always been geared towards a common goal of success. We had structured weekly meetings, the relationship with Travel Planet's Customer Management team remained strong and optimistic throughout the implementation and indeed continues today.

Simon Prince

Travel Manager - EDF
Travel Planet provided continuous support throughout the implementation process. We particularly appreciated their flexibility in configuring the system while our travel policy was still being developed. The Travel Planet team helped us to design the system in a proportionate and cost effective way.

James Thomas

Travel Manager - Swansea