Transforming the business model


Traditional travel technology is no longer fit for purpose: based on antiquated B2B systems, its offerings are far behind the flexibility and adaptability demanded by the corporate travel market today.

At Travel Planet, however, we do things differently. We provide a seamless combination of technology - entirely developed and owned by us - serviced through our offline team of travel professionals.


The new age of online content has significantly impacted the traditional business travel model.
Air Travel Distribution is evolving to a more direct approach

With the rapid development of the internet, the strategy of business travel providers has had to change. Instead of the historical provision of limited and exclusive GDS content, business travel providers can deliver their content through the New Distribution Capability (NDC), which allows TMCs to connect directly to the provider. In order to increase adoption of these new channels, airlines have modified their fare pricing models - meaning that NDC-distributed fares are more likely to appeal to travellers, and that airlines now have a lower distribution cost.

Rail distribution - delivering richer content

- Travel Planet offers any combination of rail provider into and out of UK territory, including Eurostar, French and other European Rail services.

Thanks to software developed 100% in-house, Travel Planet is proud to provide full UK rail content. We cater to any combination of UK fares, including London Travelcards.

This evolution has drastically altered the business travel model, enabling companies to lower costs, widen choice, and improve direct access to content. With these changes, the traditional GDS route to market has become significantly less attractive - not just for hotel content, where GDS penetration has traditionally been low, but with air and rail bookings too.

In the current travel ecosystem, the key challenge for travel management companies is to establish themselves as dynamic partners, offering vital and unique services. Travel management companies provide comprehensive content, compete with B2C channels, consolidate and reduce travel expenditure, manage travel policies and, most crucially of all, limit spend leakage during the travel management process.


The new age of online content has significantly impacted the traditional business travel model.

A profound change is underway in the business travel industry, and Travel Planet is perfectly placed to respond to current and future challenges. Thanks to our anticipation of these industry changes, our offering is adapted and tailored in line with present - and predicted - shifts in the industry. We do not believe this has been replicated across all key industry players, nor do we believe such replication is likely any time soon.

Flexibility and simplicity

Travel Planet is a flexible and innovative TMC, committed to investing heavily in digitalisation and R&D.

Changing the model

With our strategic use of technology, Travel Planet aims to revolutionise and disrupt the business travel industry. We provide our customers with an online marketplace designed to replicate the look and feel of the B2C used in everyday life.